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I’m sad to say that I probably won’t be continuing this blog. I mostly just don’t have time for this website or else I’d love to keep it going. Also, My finical situation is a little terrible at the moment or else I’d have my own website by now. I enjoyed doing this blog, for the most part, so I’m a little sad to let it go but I fear it’s for the better. It hurts me even more because a lot of my endeavors end up this way. I used to have my own comic strip website but money and lack of commitment lead to the demise of that website. I’m still drawing cartoon but my comic strips have come to a complete hault with 2 or 3 ideas left to float in purgatory.  Maybe when this is all said and done I’ll soon realize that this was a mistake and go back to video game blogging. Maybe my schedule will suddenly open up and I’ll have way too much free time and maybe then I’ll go back to video game blogging. Till then, however, I must bid you all adieu.

Although I have a decent amount of hits, I doubt a lot of people read this blog so it won’t leave too much of a hole in the internet world. But to anyone who is sad about this, feel free to e-mail about it–or just weep silently to yourself.

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I’d review the game myself but fankly, I haven’t had time to beat it quite yet. Instead I’m going to point you to Gametrailers review of the game because they’re one of the best at reviewing. Reading a review is fun and all but Gametrailers does it with video and in this fast paced internet world, I think it works best. Not only that, but they also pretty much hit the nail on the head about a game almost everytime. Thanks Gametrailers.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Video Game, Review | Game Trailers & Videos |

I recently sat down with a South Jersey game designer Joseph Casale. He’s designed two games and is slowly, but surely, working his way to getting his bachelors degree in computer science. I asked him a few questions about his gaming background, how it was making those two games, and what the future might have in store for this up-and-coming game designer:

Download Chris Giovanisci – Interview


I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this movie. According to history (which is doomed to repeat itself) the movie should be terrible. It’s hard to believe that no one can make a decent movie based on a video game but no top dogs have tried. Disney in association with Jerry Bruckheimer are going to try to do the seemingly impossible. Just because these two powerhouses are making this film it might be good but it’s hard to translate gameplay into movie. Slated for a May 2010 release, here’s the new trailer provided by (because some video sources don’t embed properly)

Oaks, PA was host to the GameX expo at the Greater Philadelphia Convention Center. Me and my good friend Joey drove an hour through PA to run amuck in this expo center. Here’s a few pictures of what we saw on our adventure:


The app store was blessed with a nice remake of Earthworm Jim by Gameloft for a cheap $4.99. I’m very glad that all these iPhone game developers are bringing cool old-school games to the iPhone but I can’t get over the controls. Most games that are ported the iPhone are a nightmare to play, sometimes, because of the touch-screen controls. One day the iPhone will release an attachable controller for the iPhone–but till then you’ll have to enjoy your old school favorites with frustrating motion controls. But, like they say: beggars can’t be choosers.


Image from Gamespot