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I was going to just post one new trailer that premiered at the VGA awards on December 12th on Spike, but there’s just too many. I’ve decided, instead, to just point you to a collection of them all so you can see them yourself, at your discretion.

VGA Game Trailers Brought to You By

Here’s a list of all the new games that were announced at that show (with trailers):


Batman: Arkham Asylum 2

Medal of Honor

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

New Prince of Persia

Special Ops: The Line

Green Day: Rockband

True Crime

Tron Evolution

Crackdown 2

Where are the Wii games at Nintendo?


Sonic has come a long way over the years, and to be honest, his age is starting to show. Back in his hay day Sonic was the man, and at one point, was outselling Mario. Now-a-days, however, he’s starting to lose his speed and Mario’s been keeping young. In his 16 bit days Sonic was on top of the world, and now he’s scratching and clawing his way to stay in the game. Sonic has even resorted to teaming up with Mario in gimmicky Wii Olympic party games just to stay on the radar. What follows is a timeline (and collection) of a handful of Sonic games that I’ve played over the years. This isn’t a complete collection of all his games because, trust me, he has a lot of games out there for many consoles and systems. This is more of a “best of” collection, if you will (excluding the newest ones—i.e. the current-gen games, they’re just necessary to include). I’ve played all the games in this list and I’m a long-time Sonic fan. This list just go to show you how long the blue blur has been around, how far he’s come, and how much he’s far he’s fallen.



Sonic the Hedgehog

On the Sega console –The originator, the supposed “Mario Killer”. The best foot forward for Sega and a classic game every video game fan has or should play.


Sonic 2

The second installment on the Sega Gensis. This was the first game we get to meet Sonic’s sidekick/mechanic Miles “Tails” Prower (a pun of miles per hour)


Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Beam Machine

The Sonic Team’s attempt at a puzzle game. It’s essentially Puyo Puyo.

Sonic Spinball

Like the name suggests this is a Sonic pinball game. Don’t be fooled though, it’s hard.

Sonic 3

Like the Mario franchise, the third installment is arguably the best of the series. This is the first game players are able to take control of Tails (our first taste of co-op play in the Sonic series).


Sonic & Knuckles

This is not only a full fledged game but it’s also an add-on to the previous Sonic games. You could actually plug one of the 3 previous games into the top of this cartridge. This is also the first game we actually get to play as Knuckles.


Sonic CD

This game was for the PC and has the best intro to any Sonic game that I can remember. The intro was a quick animated short with a great song overtop. The game play stuck to the classic 2D Sonic we’re familiar with.

Knuckles Chaotix

This game was for the short lived Sega 32x (32x was like the Sonic and Knuckles cartridge but it up’d the graphics from 16bit to 32 on the Sega Gensis) Sonic wasn’t in this game but I actually owned this game so I figured I’d mention it.


Sonic 3D Blast

This was the first 3D Sonic game and it was on the Gensis. This game was a failure, I suppose you could call this foreshadowing?


Sonic R

This was the first Sonic Racing game, this game was also somewhat of a failure (but then again so was the Sega Saturn). 3D Sonic has a harder time with games than the 2D one.


Sonic Adventure

This is how you make a 3D Sonic game. This was the staple game for the newly released Dreamcast system (at the time). This game was epic—I loved this game.


Sonic Shuffle

Sega is always trying to do what Mario does, so this was Sega trying to cash in on the Mario Party series. Mario Party had 7 sequels, Sonic Shuffle has none—I wonder why? (hint: it sucked)


Sonic Adventure 2

The previous game did so well, why not make another. Shadow the hedgehog was first introduced in this game. The game met with mixed reviews but personally I enjoyed the hell out of it. I’m still waiting for Sonic Adventure 3 to be honest with you.


Sonic Heroes

This may be harsh but I feel like every 3D Sonic game from here on out were more or less terrible. Sega quit the console business and just stuck to making games so this game was a multiplatform release (Xbox and PS2). You took control of 3 characters at once, switching between the 3 throughout. There was multiple teams to choose from but this gimmick, unfortunately, didn’t help this game.


Sonic the Hedgehog

This is Sonic’s first step into the current generations of consoles. This game was terribly frustrating. The load times in this game were torturous and Sonic made out with a human. Just because an animal can talk doesn’t mean it’s ok to let them kiss humans (especially in a game for kids). Just like bestiality, this game is just wrong.


Sonic and the Secret Rings

This is the first game that game out with the new Wii Nintendo System. Just like most of the games for the Wii, this game is just one big gimmick. Just because I have to waggle some dumb controller rather than press a button doesn’t make this some new fresh Sonic game. To be fair through, this game wasn’t as terrible as the aforementioned one, so it’s not that bad of a game considering.


Sonic Unleashed

This is the latest game release for Sonic and maybe the weirdest. I hear this game did well with a younger audience (which is who they make these games for) but I’m a little ashamed of this game. It’s hard to sell the same game to people so usually developers try to through something new into the mix to spice things up. In this game Sonic turned into a warehog with stretchy arms at night. I don’t have much else to say about this game, it’s absurdity leaves me speechless.


Dear Sonic Team,

I hope you’ve learned from your mistakes and you can deliver this time (because it may be your last chance). I’m a little more forgiving then some of your other fans because, unlike some of them, I actually liked Sonic Adventure 2 (the last good sonic game in my opinion). Excluding the DS titles, because I haven’t played them all, the last couple of sonic outings have been terrible. The last game Sonic was in he could turn into a Warehog! WTF is that!? 


a comic strip I made of the subject

Luckily, however, Sonic Team has apparently listened to our complaints and they decided to reset the franchise and go back to their roots. Since I’ve been a loyal fan since my first Sega console I’m a little optimistic about this project despite they’re history. Even though a lot of oldschool games are getting redone HD style for the current-gen systems, I have faith in this one. If someone gave me majority control over the Sonic Team I’d just make Sonic Adventure 3 but I like the direction they’re going in. They’re apparently building this game from the ground up and it’s suppose to be a 2d game–or perhaps more like a 2.5d game (2d gameplay with 3d graphics). So far not much is out about the game other than a teaser (which I posted below) and the code name for the project (project needlemouse). It’s suppose to be release in 2010 and I’m definitely keeping my eye on this one because if it fails the Sonic fans they’re trying to please will eat them alive!



Infinity Ward put out a PSA trailer staring, none other than, the Phillies starting pitcher Cole Hamels (or you might know him from the horrible Comcast commercials). The video is some mock PSA with 2 swear words thrown in for no reason. Although, it is funny to hear Cole Hamels drop the P and F words. I’m not sure if this implies that he’s a celebrity voice in the game itself, when it comes out later this month, but it’s still pretty cool none the less. So enjoy this short, arguably pointless, video.


image from


For the record–there’s way too many WWII games out and most of them were made by Infinity Ward. Normally I’d roll my eyes at a WWII game but Pandemic’s The Saboteur actually looks pretty good. It’s a third person action shooter much like Pandemics last outing Mercenaries 2. If only France had this protagonist in real life, maybe they wouldn’t look like such babies today. Irishman Sean Devlin will trek though WWII France kicking Nazi ass and taking names–and driving fancy race cars. One of the games most interestingly notable game-play mechanics is color. In areas where the population has low moral (due to Nazi control) the color is de-saturated, with grays filling up most of the palette. The less control the Nazi’s have of an area the more “Will To Fight” (WtF) the people have and the more color is brought into the area.

I’m not sure if I’ll pick this game up but it’s definitely worth watching till it’s released December 8th, 2009.

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I had no idea, up until now, that Tecmo Koei is making a Fist of North Star game. A couple months ago me and my one friend wanted to watch classic anime movies (some of which we’ve never seen). One movie he suggested we watch was the 1983 Fist of North Star. The movie takes place is a post apocalyptic world where only the strong prevail. The movie’s main protagonist, Ken, is thought to be dead but comes back to bring justice and make a few peoples heads explode!

I recommend the movie if you’re into anime at all. It’s a classic old anime with lots of brutality and classic cheesy anime moments. Just to give you a small taste of what to expect:

After the movie there was a short lived series that the game seems to be based on. I hope the game is based on the movie but it looks like it might be based on the show. Either way I’m sure there was be exploding heads! Or at least I hope so.

PS: There’s also a live action movie based on the Fist of Northstar–DON’T WATCH IT!


Marsha Marsha Marsha! The video game world can behave like the real world (not the show) and sometimes more “popular” upcoming releases over shadow other releases–like your cooler older brother. I feel like Borderlands might suffer from this. We’re finally out of September and we’re into October and most of us know that late October, November, and early December is reserved for us Gamers. How cute of developers to pick a month or so to cram a bunch of blockbuster titles into–more like financially savvy. Why? Well the best holiday ever follows in shortly behind, so that gives parents just enough time to check off Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 from your Christmas list. So what’s in store for us in October, well a couple games actually. 2 worth mentioning, before I get to what I’m really hinting at, are Uncharted 2 (which I already talked a bit about) and Brutal Legend. Brutal Legend is a game made by Tim Schaffer who, if you don’t know him, makes some pretty good games and has a great sense of humor so that game looks promising. Not to mention Tim said the hardest part about making a game is multiplayer  and so he decided to start there when making the game. Now with 2 big titles coming out, on the same day no less, where’s the room for other worth while titles.

That’s where I come in. Now, I haven’t got a chance at any game conferences to play this game but I’ve been watching this game for a while and have seen tons and tons of videos of this game and I feel compelled to mention it to you. If you’re already bored and about to stop reading this then let me give you one point on this game before you leave. THE GAME HAS OVER 3 MILLION GUNS!! 3 million!? Oh, interested now are we? Do go on you say? Why certainly

So what is Borderlands? Borderlands is one of those games that’s been in development so long that it burrows underground and escapes the radar for a while but is resurfacing closer to its release date: October 20th (for Xbox and PS3).  Already well  into development the art team decided to pitch a new art style for the game a while back. Normally they would have been denied given that they already had an art style and were already making the game but, apparently, everyone loved the new art style so much they went for a complete overhaul. The new style they claim isn’t cel-shading but a new concept art style that they created.

Borderlands is an action RPG the likes of which have yet to be seen. It combines first person shooting with RPG elements such as hit point and experience points. What about these 3 million guns you ask well allow me to explain this (to the best of my ability). Some games such as Diablo for the PC have utilized the concept of randomly generating terrain for dungeons so that no two experiences are the same. With Borderlands, not only have they used that for their terrain but they also used it for their weapons. What the game will do is randomly generate guns by combining parts from three different in-game companies. For example you could have a handgun that has a scope and shoots shotgun shells or an automatic rifle that shoots sniper bullets.

The game also offers seamless drop-in and drop-out online/offline co-op with up to 3 additional players.

An action first person shooter RPG with 3 million guns and online co-op–sign me the hell up. I think this game is definitely worth checking out. In fact, let me get you started with a trailer–you can go from there.