I haven’t had much time for video games as of late what with college, my full-time job, and whatnot but it’s video game season. November is the month most companies reserve for their big titles, and rightly so because it’s the month all the mothers do their holiday shopping. Luckily for me, however, the stars and planets have aligned or some magical force is at work and I’ve had some time to actually play video games this month so here’s what I’ve been playing this week:

New Super Mario Brothers Wii. I tired getting this game at midnight on Saturday/Sunday at Wal-Mart but my god was that a nightmare. I ended up waiting till Sunday to buy it and I made a day out of it. I brought my Wii over to my friends house and we had a good 4 player game. Mario with 4 players on the screen at once is pure mayhem! Even when you’re playing cooperatively you end up causing your friends to die by accident constantly. For example: You and a friend will both go to jump over a gap only since you’re behind him your jump is slightly above his causing you to then jump off your friend’s head midway through the gap effectively killing him. Once you get passed that little frustration, it’s a blast. The game gets progressively more difficult and I don’t recommend playing the whole game with 4 players because it’s hard enough solo and adding more players seems to just make the level harder on you (especially if the people you play with don’t know how to play Mario). 

Like the rest of the world I’m also playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I’ve been playing this game a little less because of some monetary issues with my Xbox Live account. Since I don’t Xbox Live as of a couple days ago I haven’t been able to play multiplayer too much (other than the first day or two I had the game) but I dove into the single player. Not having multiplayer, however, makes me want to play Mario more but I have played the first few mission of Call of Duty’s single player campaign and it’s hard (sure I have the difficulty on Hardened which is just under Veteran, the hardest difficultly). The game is absolutely gorgeous and the production value of this game has improved. This game is on the top of everyone’s list and it’s the must have game this holiday season and rightfully so this game offers a solid single player and multiplayer experience. If you’re a hardcore multiplayer fan then there’s no doubt you’re already working your way up the ranks in this game, and if you’re not you should be. Having said that I still think the game is over hyped, but everything is now-a-days. 


On the none video game side (but still a game) I’ve been playing Trouble a lot lately. Let me just say this about trouble: It’s awesome! I haven’t played much of Trouble when I was kid but I wish I did. The past week or so me and my friends have been battling in this game having a blast, so much so that I’m tempted to tape these hilarious epic games. You’d have no idea we were playing a simple children’s game if you were listening to us screaming, yelling, and laughing in the other room. If you have 3 good friends I suggest you try playing an intense game of Trouble and see what I’m talking about and what you’re missing. Just remember to trust no one!